Perimeter Security Detection Training - Level 2

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Advance your expertise in Perimeter Security Detection with our Level 2 training. Learn methods to prevent false alarms, enhance defense around building perimeters, and protect property outside the perimeter. Stay ahead with insights into new perimeter detection technologies. Prerequisite: Level 1 Perimeter Security Detection.

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The Perimeter Security Detection Training - Level 2 is an advanced course designed to further enhance your knowledge and skills in perimeter security. Building upon the foundation established in Level 1, this training delves into more sophisticated techniques to strengthen your perimeter defense.

Avoiding false alarms and failures-to-detect is a critical aspect of an effective perimeter security system. In this course, you will discover methods and strategies used to minimize false alarms and ensure accurate detection of potential threats. Learn how to fine-tune your system to achieve optimal performance and reliability.

Enhancing defense around building perimeters is a key objective in perimeter security. Through this training, you will expand your understanding of the various technologies and practices that reinforce perimeter defense. Gain insights into innovative approaches to protect against intrusions and potential security breaches.

Protection of property beyond the building perimeter is equally important to maintain a secure environment. Explore strategies and solutions to extend your security coverage to outdoor spaces and vulnerable areas surrounding the building.

As technology evolves, so do the capabilities of perimeter detection. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest advancements in perimeter security technologies. Anticipate and prepare for the integration of cutting-edge technologies into your security infrastructure.

Please note that this training assumes a foundational understanding of perimeter security detection. If you require more basic knowledge in this area, we recommend completing our Level 1 course, "Perimeter Security Detection Training - Level 1," before enrolling in this advanced Level 2 training.

By completing this module, you will expand your knowledge of perimeter security technologies and practices, enabling you to fine-tune your systems, prevent false alarms, reinforce perimeter defense, protect property outside the perimeter, and anticipate new technologies.

Enroll in our Perimeter Security Detection Training - Level 2 now and take your expertise in perimeter security to the next level.

Use the grid below to determine which states have CEU approval for this course, along with how many credit hours it has, and any other special instructions.

StateHoursSpecial Instructions
Utah1This course is approved for 1.00 hours of continuing education by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for Construction Trades. If you will be taking this course for CEUs in Utah, you must notify us and provide your license number and company name so we may submit the appropriate documentation. Please email or call 502-254-1590.

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